Beijing Family Planning Association Held a Publicity Activity on “12.1” World AIDS Day to Carry out AIDS Prevention Publicity in Business Buildings
From:Beijing Family Planning Association


December 1, 2017 is the 30th World AIDS Day. On November 30, in order to further publicize and popularize the knowledge of AIDS prevention and control, Beijing Family Planning Association held a publicity activity on World AIDS Day themed "Sharing Responsibility and Health Rights to Build a Healthy China" in the lobby of Guidu International Center to carry out AIDS prevention publicity in business buildings.

During the activity, the staff raised citizens’ safety awareness and ability of AIDS, guided them to understand and face AIDS by hanging banners, placing publicity boards, distributing promotional materials, providing condoms, setting up health consultation counters. 500 copies of publicity materials and more than 300 boxes of family planning medicine and tools were distributed. More than 80 inquiries service were provided.

Through this activity, people are effectively informed of AIDS and understand it more thoroughly. Staff from the association concerned about AIDS patients with an inclusive understanding to help citizens to pay attention to prevention and control of AIDS, raising their awareness of self-protection and establishing a healthy and civilized life style.