Prizes of the 12th Outstanding Photographic Works Selection of “Spring Rain List” was Unveiled
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


On November 2, the selection and contest of the 12th outstanding photographic works theming "Forge Ahead and Never Forget Why You Started" in health and family planning system in Beijing ended. A total of more than 160 works were awarded of the first, second, third prizes and excellence prizes.

Zheng Renjie, vice president and executive editor of People's Photography magazine, Cheng Tiejie, associate professor of Beijing Film Academy Photography College, Chen Tieliang, Chen Peng, executive vice president of China Health Photographic Society, Shao Weidong, president of China Health Imaging, Wu Ping, deputy director of activity department of China Photography Newspaper served as judges of the selection.

After the selection, the judges made comments on the winning works. Overall, the monographs and group photographs featuring the health sector were the most prominent pieces. In this competition, we saw not only the maturity and progress of the senior photographers in the health industry, but also some promising newcomers.

A total of 1,565 works submitted by 43 units were received during this contest covering 468 monographs of news and documentary, 110 group photographs of news and documentary, 335 pieces of daily life and 652 pieces of natural environment were collected. A total of 970 people participated in the selection.