Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Held a Training Meeting of WHO Collaborating Center
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


On October 27, 2017, Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning held the 2017 Training Meeting of World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center. More than 60 representatives from related departments, Collaborating Center of WHO, affiliated institutions and municipal hospitals attended the meeting.

At the training session in the morning, Director Liu Yue of the International Department of National Health and Family Planning Commission made a speech entitled "China-WHO Collaborating Center in Transition". He analyzed the main problems facing the WHO Collaborating Center in China and corresponding strategies and clarified the role and tasks of the center, which pointed out the direction and the future work of the center. Dr. Fabio Scano from WHO Representative Office in China, gave a briefing on the launch application, development management and precautions of the WHO Collaborating Center.

In the afternoon, Director Zhang Junhua from WHO Collaborating Center for Human Resources, Director Wang Xiaoqi from International Cooperation Center of Chinese Center for Diseases Prevention and Control and Wang Dayan, Deputy Director of Influenza Reference and Research Cooperation Center were invited to the meeting. They shared their practical experience in application, renewal and problem solving of the center from the aspect of specific works.

The training session closely surrounded the party's Health Strategy for China and the establishment of a human community of shared destiny of the 19th National Congress. It took relevant content in "Plan for Healthy Beijing 2030" as a guidance, equipping itself with strong pertinence, normativity and operability. At the same time, it further deepened the mutual understanding between the collaborating center of our city, the State Health and Family Planning Commission and the WHO Representative Office in China, which layed a sound foundation for the resumption and reapplication of the relevant centers.