Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Strengthened Team Establishment of Supervision and Co-management
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


In the third quarter of 2017, a total of 15,284 inspections were conducted, 258 issues were uncovered and reported, and 39 enforcements were verified and punished by professional law enforcement officers. This is an excellent response handed by more than 2,600 health care supervisors and assistants. In recent years, Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning took community health service centers as the basis, vigorously strengthening co-ordination of primary health care supervision. A series of measures have been taken to give play to the outpost role of the co-management team in "finding problems, providing clues, assisting investigations and handling aftermaths".

First, standardizing service content. According to the requirements of the "National Standard of Basic Public Health Service (Third Edition)", it was required to combine the actual work, increase the content of co-management services from five to seven items, add reports of family planning-related information and tobacco control and inspection in no-smoking areas and enlarge extent of inspection.

The second was to rationalize the institutional mechanism. We had cleared responsibilities of district health and family planning commissions, district health and family planning supervision offices, street (township) health and family planning offices, community health service centers. We decided that the district health and family planning committees are responsible for the overall coordination, establishment of the system and guidance of assessment. Health and family planning supervision institutions were responsible for training, guidance and assessment of co-ordination works. The street (township) health family planning offices were responsible for strengthening management and guiding and supervision. Community health service centers were responsible for setting up professional staff (coordinator), establishing working system and organizing implementation.

The third was to strengthen education and training. Relevant experts were organized to carry out special trainings for backbone of district administrators and assistants respectively on foodborne diseases and related information reports, health inspections in public places and drinking water sanitation and safety inspections.

Fourth, it was required to carry out evaluation. We had developed Standards and Assessment Indicators of Health and Family Planning Supervision Services. It was proposed to select 20% (67) community health service centers as pilot institutions of the standardization to carry out standardized creation and evaluation. Works of health and family planning supervision and management were taken into the performance assessment of public health services.

Strong measures promoting co-management work yielded a lot of achievements. In the past three years, the city's health family planning supervision and coordination has been continuously strengthened. The number of inspections increased from 45,676 in 2014 to 61,010 in 2016, an increase of 34%. The number of illegal activities found rose from 85 to 2010, an increase of 134%. An "Eye" for the health planning supervision and law enforcement in Beijing was installed.