Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning Signed MOU with Health Ministry of Czech
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning



On September 27, 2017, Lei Haichao, Director of Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, met with Roman Prymula, Deputy Minister of Health Ministry of Czech Republic and his entourage. Deputy Inspector Zheng Jinpu attended the meeting.

On behalf of the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Lei Haichao welcomed the delegation of Czech Ministry of Health and introduced the work of the city's health and family planning. He said that the cooperation in the field of health care and family planning between China and Czech was developing well. He hoped that with the favorable conditions for the legalization of traditional Chinese medicine in the Czech Republic, the two countries would continue to deepen their cooperation in traditional medicine, emergency medicine and clinical and child health in particular to reach the goal of complementing each other's advantages and improving the professional level.

On behalf of Miloslav Ludvik, Minister of Health of Czech Republic, Deputy Prime Minister Primula thanked the Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning for their warm reception and full support for the cooperation in health fields between the two countries. He said that since the signing of the memorandum of cooperation in 2013, the cooperation in traditional medicine, child health, public health and medical reform had yielded fruitful results. He believed that both sides would use this renewal of cooperation memorandum as an opportunity to open a new chapter in medical and health cooperation. He also invited the chiefs of our committee to visit the Czech Republic in 2018.

After the talks, Deputy Inspector Zheng Jinpu continued the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation with Lushkar, special commissioner for Chinese affairs of the Ministry of Health of Czech Republic. The main contents of the memorandum included strengthening cooperation in health emergency response, public health policy, clinical medicine, research and innovation between the two sides. At the same time, Beijing Emergency Center, Prague Emergency Center and Gitzo China signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in aviation medical rescue. The project was established for the preparation for 2022 Olympic Winter Games, based on the city's emergency medical service and personnel reserve. In this project, aviation emergency personnel training and professional and technical level of Beijing will be improved through the training of doctors, nurses and managers.

The delegation of Czech Ministry of Health headed by Minister Ludvik visited China from September 22 to 27, 2017.