Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Inspected the Implementation Condition of Emergency Regulations
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

In the morning of July 12, Law Enforcement Inspection Group of the Municipal NPC Standing Committee inspected the implementation condition of “Regulations on Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Service of Beijing Municipality” separately in Beijing Emergency Medical Center and Beijing Red Cross Emergency Rescue Center. Li Wei, director of the Municipal NPC Standing Committee, deputy director Yang Yiwen and Yan Aoshuang and secretary general Zhang Qing attended this inspection in the company of deputy mayor Lu Yan, Lei Haichao, director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and committee member Liu Na.
While inspecting Beijing Emergency Medical Center, Li Wei asked item by item concerning the number of ambulances, the usage rate of ambulances, how long the ambulance can be dispatched after receiving the emergency call and other work, understood the situation of emergency personnel allocation, group management, daily supervision, emergency site layout, etc. in detail; after learning that Beijing Emergency Medical Center has established the first emergency science museum nationwide based on its professional advantages of first aid training and hardware resources, and also carries out the public first-aid popularization activity actively while doing well professional training, Li Wei pointed out that we should further promote the propaganda and popularization of social emergency skills and emergency knowledge, allocate complete medical first-aid facilities and drugs, enhance the training on staff and improve the ability of citizens’ self-rescue and mutual help, especially in public places with dense population like school, community and scenic area. 
While inspecting Beijing Red Cross Emergency Rescue Center, Li Wei got on the large communication command vehicle and seriously asked the staff about the use condition of equipment, visited many medical vehicles like emergency equipment support vehicle and mobile kitchen vehicle that rushed to the disaster area, then came to the emergency command and dispatch hall to understand the use condition of emergency medical resources and pre-hospital emergency work procedure in detail. Li Wei pointed out that we should fully recognize the significance of pre-hospital emergency medical service, further accelerate the scientific and rational layout of emergency sites, enhance the overall plan and coordination of emergency resources and improve the service efficiency of emergency resources.