The Party Organizations of Medical and Health Care Units in Beijing Take Part in the Theme Activities on the Party Day
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning


To greet the CPC' s 19th National Congress, carry out the spirit of the 12th Party Congress of Beijing, carry out learning and education of “two studies and one action” and carry out pragmatic activity of “three progresses and two promotions”, strengthen Party members and cadres’ sense of purpose and mission, explore the path for classified diagnosis and treatment and effectively solve the mountain people’s difficulty in getting medical service, on July 28, 2017, more than 70 members from Grass-Roots Health Department of Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, the Party Branch of Beijing Community Health Service Management Center, Pinggu District Health and Family Planning Commission, Youth League Committee of Pinggu District Committee, China International Exchange and Promotion Association for Medical and Healthcare, Beijing Association of Chinese Medicine, Party Committee of China Resources Pharmaceutical Group, Party Committee of China Resources Pharmaceutical Beijing and many grass-roots Party organizations of municipal grade II and grade III hospitals took part in the theme activities on the Party day with the theme of “Staying True to the Mission, Staying Close to the Grassroots and Showing Love by the Jinhai Lake”, giving medical services and medicine and medical guidance on site for the people in the remote mountain area.

The activities were conducted in Jinhai Lake Community Health Service Center and Huzhuang village in Jinhai Lake town, Pinggu District. On July 28th, experts from 10 clinical departments of Beijing Friendship Hospital, Beijing Hospital of TCM, Xiyuan Hospital CACMS, Xuanwu TCM Hospital Beijing, Beijing Gulou Hospital of TCM, including Chinese medicine surgery department, rheumatism department, endocrinology department, pediatrics department, cardiovascular department, geriatrics department, spleen and stomach department, gastroenterology department and respiration department gave diagnosis and treatment services to more than 350 visiting patients. In order to further enhance the service capacity of grass-roots health care institutions, an emergency medicine specialist of Beijing Friendship Hospital was invited to give video lectures with modern information transmission equipment to 18 community health service centers in Pinggu District covering an audience of over 400 people. To let the grass-roots feel the Party organization’s care and warmth, deepen the relationship between the Party branches and members and make patients feel the benefits of service mode transformation brought by health care reforms, led by the Party branch secretary of Huzhuang village, the group visited 3 senior party members and the experts of Beijing Friendship Hospital made a diagnosis and gave treatment to them. Rehabilitation facilities and atomizers were given to Jinhai Lake Community Health Service Center and heatstroke drugs and health education materials were distributed to the visiting patients and the masses.

The activities strengthened the “Four Consciousness” of the participants, played the role of the Party branches as the battle fortress, strengthened the consciousness of Party members and reflected the vanguard and exemplary role of the party members. The dispatched experts are from a wide range of departments and they were well received by the masses for outstanding technical skills and good services. Next, we will continue to follow the requirements of “two studies and one action”, effectively change the style, push down the focus, serve the grass-roots level, explore reasonable compensation modes for grass-roots medical and health service institutions and service modes based on local economic and social conditions and try to solve the real problems in grass-roots medical and health services.