Hygiene Industry in Our City Carefully Learned Laws on Network Safety
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, Inform...
On July 22, 2017, the first academic annual meeting, also representative meeting for members, by PHISTA was held in Beijing. Relevant leaders, experts from medical hygiene and informationization sector and association members consisting of people engaged in informationization in medical hygiene outfits in Beijing tallying over 500 participated in the meeting.
One of the major contents for the meeting was to learn and put into force Laws on Network Safety. In the meeting, Ren Wang, director of System Appraisal Office under China Information Safety Center, gave a lecture on Law on Cyber Safety and Level Protection 2.0 that reviewed new trend and latest policies in cyber safety sector and specified relevant contents in cyber safety and grade protection 2.0.
Zheng Pan from Department of Cyber Management in Information Center under Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning elaborated terms related with hygiene industry in Law on Cyber Safety and gave proposals on follow-up work orientation on safety work in the hygiene industry in our city in the future. Han Zuowei from Information Sector of Fuwai Angiocarpy Hospital, analyzed main risks facing information system and data in medical outfits, introduced high-threatening hacker intrusion means in the medical industry and proposed measures for protection. In the meantime, Special Commission on Information and Data Safety is specially established by Beijing Municipal Hygiene Information Staffs’ Technological Association to profoundly carry out work by combining with industrial demands.
Associations and societies on informationization of hygiene in our city abound. In the future, Information Center of Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning will further make use of these platforms and resources to back up safety work on network information in our city in a bid to boost overall safety protection level.