The 25th Medical Team to Aid the Republic of Guinea Won Award by the Government of the Republic of Guinea
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

On July 18, to cite contribution made by the 25th batch of medical team on their aiding the Republic of Guinea, improving health of people living in the Republic of Guinea and enhancing friendship between the two countries, Abdurrahman, minister of health in Guinea, awarded medal from the Guinea government to all members in the 25th medical team who accomplished their assignments and were about to leave for China on behalf of the Guinea government.

President Alpha Conde of Guinea then conferred the Medal of Knight to Wang Yu, chief of the 25th medical team, in the presidential mansion to cite his major contribution to facilitation of Sino-Guinea profound medical cooperation and boost of mutual friendship. President Conde highly rated outstanding work by the 25th medical team and expressed gratitude to the outstanding contribution made by the medical team to medical hygiene course in Guinea.

Mainly assigned by Beijing Tongren Hospital, the 25th medical team consists of 19 members. It started the 18-month-long medical work outside hospital in China-Guinea Friendship Hospital from January, 2016. During their assisted work period, ‘treatment center for critical disease’ donated by our city was opened. Our city also donated a batch of medical drugs and apparatus urgently in need by the Guinea. The 25th medical team to aid Guinea assisted China-Guinea Friendship Hospital to formulate ‘development rules on building of critical disease’ and mechanism on intensive care and complete the flow of treatment. Tongren Hospital, the main unit for dispatching the team, selected competent medical experts who can amend the medical void and organized short-term experts’ team to head to Guidea to carry out education on surgeries, clinical education and academic exchange in a bid to more precisely boost high-level medical services of local residents and continuously boost the science of critical disease to become training center for critical disease in Guinea. It helped build a new platform for long-term development in China-Guinea Friendship Hospital and wins over trust and approval by both the Guinea government and its people.

The 26th medical team aiding Guinea dispatched by Beijing Chaoyang Hospital has realized switch from the 25th medical team. It would resume the chapter on assisting foreign countries on hygiene.