Weekly First-aid Topic: Heatstroke Instructions under High Temperature
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning
There will be continuous high temperature this week, which easily causes heatstroke, so that you must know the following information about heatstroke. 
1. Why do people suffer heatstroke? Under high temperature, the body regulation loses balance easily due to much heat accumulation of the body and water-electrolyte metabolism disorder, which leads to heatstroke. 2. Expression of heatstroke. Mild heatstroke: flushed face, profuse sweating, burning skin, polypnea, blood pressure drop and vomit. Severe stroke: hyperpyrexia or hyperthermia, palpitation, convulsion, skin clamminess, syncope or blurred mind. 
First-aid for heatstroke: 1. Transfer the sufferer to the cool and ventilated place; 2. Unlock the button to dissipate heat, replenish water timely and cool with cold compress and other methods; 3. Dial 120 immediately and send to the hospital for treatment nearby in case of serious situation. 
Measures to prevent heatstroke: sun protection, drink more water, wear loose clothes, eat more vegetables and fruits, replenish proteins, prepare heatstroke drugs; the weakling should reduce the egression time as far as possible; ensure adequate sleep.

Provided by Zhao Jian from Beijing First Aid Center