Weekly First-aid Topic: Online First-aid Measures for Stroke Are Not Reliable!
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

Online first-aid measures for stroke: In case of a stroke (regardless of cerebral hemorrhage or embolism) and facial paralysis, immediately puncture the patient’s lowest point of earlobes with a sewing needle and squeeze a drop of blood. Then, the patient will be cured immediately without any sequelae. In fact, it is an unreliable first-aid measure!

The bloodletting therapy exists in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In case of a shock or high fever, you can implement a first-aid therapy of bloodletting needle puncture and alleviate the symptoms by stimulating the acupuncture points. However, it is rarely heard to implement a first-aid therapy of stroke by puncturing earlobes. In addition, the therapy for sudden onset is totally different from the routine therapy. In case of a sudden stroke, the local blood pressure of the brain increases, regardless of cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction, and the amounts of both blood and oxygen reduce. At this moment, the body's protective mechanism will automatically raise the blood pressure, so that the blood will flow into the brain to rescue the dying brain cells. If you implement first-aid rescue by sudden bloodletting, it may lead to a sudden drop of blood pressure and accelerate the death of brain cells.

In case of a stroke, we should immediately call 120 and ask the patient to lie flat and motionless, and release his/her clothes to keep smooth breathing until the arrival of an ambulance.