Weekly first-aid topic: On-site first-aid procedure
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning
We’ve introduced to you the “four steps” of first aid taken on the site before the arrival of professional healthcare workers during the previous program, among which the awareness of assessment is the focus of initial disease examination.
Awareness of consciousness is the most important vital sign. A patient of clear consciousness can accurately describe his or her own symptoms and express his or her wishes. However, the patient with unclear consciousness or little consciousness may be in danger.
The method to determine the consciousness of an injured patient is as follows. Beat the front side of the shoulder of the injured and ask, "What’s wrong with you? What happened?" The wounded who are sober can accurately answer those questions, recall what have happened, and know those with whom he or she is familiar. Those who are unconscious will have no response when others shout at them and beat their shoulders, which means the loss of consciousness. When you wake him or her up, he or she falls asleep soon, is in a trance, feels indifferent, cannot correctly answer those questions, or cannot recalls the people and things that he or she is familiar with.
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