Weekly first-aid topic: On-site first-aid measures for mild burn injury
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

Burn is a common injury by accident. Mild burns can be handled by patients themselves and will soon heal. However, if a patient with serious burn is not properly treated, the patient’s may be in danger, and the burn may leave a scar, or the patient may become disabled.  

Mild burn (scald) injury. Burns caused by daily accidents are usually first-degree burns or second-degree burns, with a burnt area below 1%. 1. After you are burned (scalded), rinse the burnt part immediately with cold water or soak the burned limbs in clean cold water until you do not feel painful and burnt. For the torso or other body parts, the method of cold compress can be used to reduce pain, so as to avoid deterioration of injury. 2. The clothes worn during burning (scalding) should be washed in cold water after removal, or you can use scissors to remove them carefully after cutting them open. After rinsing the burnt part with water, apply a scald medicine to the local first-degree burns. Do not believe the application of toothpaste, soy sauce, or other remedies. 3. When second-degree burns have blisters, do not squeeze them. When the blisters are too big and you fear self-rupture aggravated injury, a sewing needle (burn it on the fire for a few seconds or use a 60 ° liquor or 75% alcohol for disinfection) can be used to pierce the bottom of the blisters, slowly release blister fluid, but avoid cutting skin. Finally, seek for medical treatment as soon as possible.