Weekly first-aid topic: prevent depression in spring
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning
Spring is the most dangerous season for patients with mental illness. The most common disease is depression. It generally shows depression, slow thinking, diminished will, and physical symptoms. Therefore, how can people prevent depression in spring? Some measures are recommended to take as follows: 
1. Environmental improvement: one can clean the room, open the doors and windows when it is sunny; decorate the home, such as keeping some green plants or flowers in the room or in the office, and water them carefully every day. As we know, the vitality of plants can bring hope and vitality.
2. Self-adjustment: excessive fatigue will lead to psychological imbalance, so emotions would become plummeted. Therefore, when you feel too stressed, you can appropriately reduce the requirements and expectations of life, so as to reduce psychological stress. Moreover, arrange well work and rest, and leave some time to yourself everyday, so that you can feel joyful and happy.
3. Physical exercise: appropriate physical exercise is conducive to inspiring the spirit and adjusting the emotion. Whenever you find yourself in a low mood, you may participate in some sports activities, such as climbing, running, playing, or picnic, and you may also increase the time you spend under daylight to enhance human excitability, reduce or eliminate depression.
4. Emotional counseling: when you feel depressed, you can ask your family and friends for help; meanwhile, participate in more social activities, timely release your emotions, and eliminate negative feelings and emotions.