Weekly First-aid Topic: Onsite First-aid in Traffic Accidents
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

Recently, the number of ambulances sent for injuries caused by traffic accidents is increasing at Beijing Emergency Medical Center. This weekend is International Labor Day, during which time highways are free for three days and the quantity of trips by car will reach a peak, so we will talk about onsite first-aid in traffic accidents.

1. Make sure to keep close to the vehicle or the wounded under the premise of safety. 2. Call 120 and 122, traffic accident alarm number, and place a rear warning sign in case of loss of life or personal injuries. 3. Do not attempt to move the wounded. If the injury is mild, mark it on the scene and then transfer the wounded to a safe place. The principle of transferring the injured person from the collision-deformed car: hold up the head and neck of the injured person and keep the head, the neck, and the body on a horizontal axis and gently move the wounded out of the car. If you suspect any cervical injury, place a neck brace or a substitute before moving the wounded. If the wounded is stuck and unable to move, never pull him/her out hard. Instead, you should call 119 for help. 4. Check consciousness, breathing, and pulse of the wounded. If he/she is unconscious, make his/her respiratory tract unobstructed. 5. Preliminarily check the injury of the wounded according to the following sequence - head, chest, abdomen, and limbs, and wait for an ambulance to arrive for further treatment.

International Labor Day is approaching. We wish you a happy holiday.