Be concerned about life safety and master the knowledge of first aid.
From:Beijing Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning

One of the main jobs for 120 emergency service is to deal with patients in coma. There are many causes for coma, such as head trauma, stroke, heart attack, cerebral hemorrhage, skull fracture, low blood oxygen content, poisoning, high or low blood sugar, febrile seizures, fainting, epilepsy for children, etc. As there are many causes, it should be handled with caution.The first aid measures that should be taken when you encounter someone in coma is as follows:

1. Lie the patient down, then check if the patient is unconscious and call 120 in a timely manner.

2. Check breathing and pulse and put the patient's head on one side. Remember to clear the foreign matters in respiratory tract so as to keep the airway open.

3. If the patient cannot breathe and his or her heart stops beating, immediately conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

4. If the patient quickly regains consciousness, close attention still needs to be paid to the degree of his or her response.

5. Loosen the cloth that obstructs his or her breathing. Do not give patients any food or drinking water. 6. The patient can be placed in the position of restoration supine, in order to maintain his or her airway open, while waiting for the arrival of a 120 ambulance.